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@MailAgent we have clients ranging from startups to large corporations.
Raluca Rusu
Raluca Rusu
Marketing Coordinator - Tiriac Imobiliare
Working with MailAgent has been beneficial to our company from the start. The platform's ease of use and the availability of the team, enabled every need to be swiftly and efficiently met.Read more
Ionut Barascu
Ionut Barascu
Marketing Specialist -
We have been using MailAgent for a long time for our projects and the results are very good. We appreciate how easy it is to setup the campaigns, the numerous options to manage our database, and...Read more
Laurentiu Neagu
Laurentiu Neagu
Cheif Technology Officer - Christian Tour
I have been working with MailAgent for over 6 years and I have always found the necessary support for developing our email marketing campaigns. The platform also helps us a lot on the reporting and...Read more
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