Email Marketing via MailAgent

MailAgent is the #1 email marketing company in Eastern Europe! We send over 1 billion newsletters every year, we have over 1500 active accounts and we send everything in the blick of an eye.

Custom templates

Good looking newsletters are no longer difficult to create using our custom templates and easy WYSIWYG newsletter editor. You can create your own email in no time and these will work on all your customers' devices.

Sent to the right audience

Sending to a segment of your entire list can increase your open rate and CTR up to 300%. MailAgent offers you free of charge all the tools necessary for creating targeted campaigns.

Technical support

We will help you, during the business hours, implement any email maketing campaing, even if you are just testing our platform.

Split testingTestare prin split test (testari A/B)

Our markting automation tools, like split testing, allow you to test the desing, subject, sending time or from name. All these free tools will allow you to create the perfect campaign.

Over 93% of our emails reach their target

We ensure all the tools and we take all the necessary measures to make sure that your newsletter reaches your subscriber. Using our porpietary sending gateway, whitelisted IP addresses your newsletter will surely be read.

List management

You can administer your lists easily. If you are not using them you can even inactivate each list and you will not be billed for them, paying just fr the ones that you use.

Demographics and segments

You can create segments in your list according to the data in your lists. A custom sending for each demographic will make your markeing newsletters much more useful.

Subscription forms

Create your subscription form, and just copy and paste the code in your website. You are ready to receive subscriptions in a few seconds.

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