Text messaging campaings via MailAgent

Our SMS Marketing platform comes as a natural extension to the email marketing one. We facilitate your one on one communication with your client, by sending them a personal SMS instantly. The text messaging campaigns have a much greater read rate than any other type of inbound marketing campaign.

More people read your message

Over 95% of the subscribers receive and read the text message within 5 seconds. We also clean your batabase of any incorrect numbers so your cost can be as low as possible.

Detailed reports

For each SMS campaign you can analyze its results, see how many persons received your message, that is the network the recipient is on and many more.

No hidden costs

All our SMS marketing campaings have a single unique cost per text message, no matter the network. The only added cost is if you need a personalized alphanumeric sender, which is charged by the operator not by MailAgent.

SMS Marketing Advantages

  • Your texts are seen in 5 seconds
  • Open rate is 95%
  • Short and concice message
  • Massages can be scheduled for future sending
  • Mobile penetration rate

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