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Attract visitors and convert them into customers.

The fastest and the most reliable email marketing sistem in Eastern Europe. We will send your message at a speed of over 2000 emails per second, using white-listed IP addresses.

Communicate efficiently with your partners through a text messages. Send the SMS with your company name, and do so with the same cost for all the networks. At the end our analytics will let you know how perfect your campaing is.

Each year you are loosing more than 25% of your subscribers. Using social media networks you can subscribe new ones.

Create amazing landing pages for your campaings, and ask your users to leave their details using special forms.

Keep track of your customers and their behavior. Ask their opinion about new products or services.

Check your results and modify your campaing in real time using our state of the art reporting system.

Raluca Rusu - Marketing Coordinator - Tiriac Imobiliare

Working with MailAgent has been beneficial to our company from the start. The platform's ease of use and the availability of the team, enabled every need to be swiftly and efficiently met.

Ionut Barascu - Marketing Specialist -

We have been using MailAgent for a long time for our projects and the results are very good. We appreciate how easy it is to setup the campaigns, the numerous options to manage our database, and their flexibility. Not in the least, the availability of the support team is very important as we know that we can always count on a quick response with the right solution

Laura Teposu - Development Director -

We have been working with MailAgent from 2011 and time has told us that we made the right choice. The expertise of MailAgent's team helped us relay the needed information to our clients without any problems. Their client orientation, and their readiness and the platform's ease of use are just some of the reasons we recommend them.

Magor Csibi - Operational Director - WWF

MailAgent is a trusted partner of WWF - they have been by our side in our fundraising activities - and a great team of the nature. Their creativity, their involvement and the efficiency of the team surprises every time. We thank them for what they did for us.

Laurentiu Neagu - Cheif Technology Officer - Christian Tour

I have been working with MailAgent for over 6 years and I have always found the necessary support for developing our email marketing campaigns. The platform also helps us a lot on the reporting and optimization area, so we can get better results for every newsletter.
We have always appreciated the proactivity of MailAgent and the fact that they have always come to our attention with new tools, some of which have been developed on the basis of the feedback we have provided.

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