Send Surveys to your subscribers using MailAgent

Surveys allows you to get more informations about your subscribers, but also to make sure you have all your customers attention. This way you can find out what each subscriber thinks about your company. This way you can find out what your customers individual answers and you will receive feedback that will help you improve the part of your business that needs improving.

Get feedback

Unlike email and SMS questionnaires provide feedback and can bring real information about customers in your database.

Add information in your database

You can create surveys and send to your database using Agent Survey database, finding out punctual responses to each subscriber.

Detailed reporting

Post questionnaire on your website and collect feedback, export answers in CSV format and you get a graphical report of results.

Surveys Benefits

  • You can create your own surveys that you can send by email to your database
  • You can put on your site surveys to gather feedback from users about how happy are with the services that you offer
  • You get a graphical report with results
  • Are punctual responses from each subscriber (eg what products they prefer, what are favourite brands, which is the maximum price they are willing to offer for a specific service, etc.)
  • You can export the results in CSV format
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