Background image in email

Background image in email
In order to assure a better email experience for your customers, we added the possibility to set background image in our drag and drop email editor.

This option is in top part of our editor.

Once you click on the background image button the following window will open:


Here you have the possibility to upload any picture you want or to choose it from your picture gallery. If you choose the repeat option you have following options described below:

No-repeat, the picture will appear one time only - you can use this option if you have a large picture.

Repeat - the picture repeats itself, best to use this option because depending on the resolution of your recipient you will be sure that his entire background will be with a picture background. This is a good option if you have a small picture that you want to repeat it.

Repeat x - picture repeats horizontally.

Repeat y - picture repeat vertically.

Below you have two print screen to see how the background image appear in outlook and in yahoo:



There are certain email clients where the background image doesn't work. To be sure is better to choose an additional background colour to avoid some cases where you have an white text over an white background.

We although added the option to have wider email templates. In addition to standard 600 px size we added 750 px and 900 px width.


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