Written by: MailAgent Team

Two step authentication

Since we care a lot about your data security, we will modify our login method. Starting with March 2nd 2018, we will have two step authentication. Every time you change your device, a text message with a validation code will be sent to your mobile phone. Please make sure that the your phone number from MailAgent is still yours and you have access to it. You can verify or change the phone number from My account . The phone number that you insert there should be like +407xxxxxxxx. After you change the phone number, you will receive a validation text message. If in your company more people a

The right to be forgotten

Starting May 25th 2018, GDPR will be enforced. One of the most important things is the right to be forgotten. This means that you will have to delete all data that you have about a person. For this thing, in our Contacts section we added the option FullDelete. In SMS section we added this as well.   Once entered in that menu, you have the option to input an email address. This option will delete the email address from all your lists and all the history of that email: email openings, email clicks, subscription date, unsubscribe date. Warning!!! If you will import that email a

User access

In may 2018, GDPR will be implemented, MailAgent wants to increase your data protection in our system. This is just the first of many updates to  come. We implemented the option to have multiple users in your account with different permissions. Lets say you have outsourced email creation to an agency you can have a new user that doesn't have permission to make any exports or to view your contacts. This will restrict access to different parts of the application. This way you will be at ease that your database is safe. We recommend that if you have more people working in MailAgent to cre

Background image in email

In order to assure a better email experience for your customers, we added the possibility to set background image in our drag and drop email editor. This option is in top part of our editor. Once you click on the background image button the following window will open:   Here you have the possibility to upload any picture you want or to choose it from your picture gallery. If you choose the repeat option you have following options described below: No-repeat, the picture will appear one time only - you can use this option if you have a large picture.

Wordpress automation plugin.

MailAgent wordpress automation plugin allows you following things. You sync your WordPress database with your MailAgent database. Once you published a new article this is automaticaly send to your database in MailAgent. You can set to send that email to all your database or to those interested in a category. Below is a instalation and configuration tutorial:   In module section of your wordpress you choose the add module option. After the module was uploaded you choose activate module. You can download the plugin from here . In MailAgent module settings you insert api

Upload content from RSS feed or HTML parser

We added a new feature in MailAgent drag and drop editor. With this feature you can extract newsletter content from a RSS feed or from an HTML parser. Below you will find all the details you need: Using an RSS feed. In editor you have two new buttons: one for RSS module and one for RSS element.  After you drag the RSS module, in order to setup it you have to click on the feed setup button that appears when you mouse hover the module (its the upper button in orange frame): Once this option is selected a setup page will open (below). If you are using an element then that

What subject lines to use in email marketing? Simple or complex?

When it comes to writing a subject line, most marketers aim well-known method of "KISS". However, a study recently made by Touchstone discovered that blind dedication to this cause may be the reason that most recipients will not read your email. Using their new virtual test technology recipients, instead of the real subscribers, Touchstone found that the more complex it is the language used, the clicks and open rates will be higher. Some information about this study: Methodology For this studio, Touchstone 2 methods used. The first method   has been using Coleman-Liau

Marketing of Things

We had a series of pioneers in the marketing field like Coca-Cola or Heinz Ketchup or even the British Army. Most of the marketing strategies have not changed for tens, or maybe, hundreds of years. If you had a product or service you were trying to find people interested in it, in a nutshell this is marketing. The process of lead qualification, and conversion, which is the simplest marketing definition, was introduced by the ancient Turkey in Izmir (or at least this is the oldest one that we have knowledge about). It represented a foot, a heart and a female head, this was meant to attract c

A goldmine for Christmas-Inactive Subscribers

All industry dogmas tell us that we should not use the email addresses of those that are not active because these bring about unjustifiable costs and challenge our sends. But, there is a particular time of year when people respond better to the messages you send. That time of year is Christmas time, when we all enjoy receiving a greeting. Never forget your subscribers! Many of us don’t even consider one of the basic rules of email marketing, that is, not sending to those who are not interested. Thus, many send to the entire database, regardless of whether there are subscribers tha

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